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What's wrong with layups?

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edited January 2019
Are they broken? And by broken I mean the game developers slanted it horribly against layups. Layup after layup after layup. Just like what? Seriously? Fine, unlucky shot, move on to the next one. But then 375 missed layups later it's like ok something is up.

Did they purposely tone layups down? Maybe they want 3's to be shot because that's how today's NBA is going? Dunno but layups are really difficult in this game.
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  • SilentBob420BMFJ
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    I couldn't even go 5 minutes after making this post, not 5 minutes, without losing to some complete nonsense missed layups. That's layups, plural. This happened last night too, in back to back games. The same nonsense scenario happened a third time today, where I stole the ball, and wide open under the rim. I catch it, I press square and then... and then... it's honestly like HUH?! Wait, did I just see that right? How did that even... But then it happens again the very next game in the very same way. And then again just now. And that's just the really memorable layups at the end that cost me the game, there were countless others during the games where it seriously shocked me.

    It's honestly killing the game for me. I guess I'll have to make a character that doesn't shoot layups... I made a Shaq/Dream build with an 85 layup rating. But these are super easy shots.

    Can anybody honestly say they hit layups all day and night no problem? What's your rating?

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  • Playing The One Streets mode, if that matters.
  • I wish I could show people what I'm talking about, because everybody probably just thinks I suck or something. But this isn't selective memory, it's extremely consistent. You may be oblivious due to your build/playstyle, but most people should know what I'm talking about.
  • Speaking of sucking, does it even matter how you press square? Holding it or pressing it or tapping it, it doesn't matter, right? I'm guessing not, because even my teammates are missing terribly. It's like watching little kids shoot at the basket blindfolded.
  • SalemDoom
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    there's certainly something off about the layups. one game cant miss, next game open or contest keeps popping out the rim. its frustrating and makes no sense!
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  • Im having the same problems in street. I miss the most simplest layup, and the other team makes the most elaborate layup with a 360 spin on 3 defenders and swish?! Come on. ..something isnt right.
  • Seven layups at the basket and missed all of them. Then the teammates I had on my team were missing them also. Guys that are 7 ft tall probably have a wingspan of 10 feet that should be just typing it in are
    missing.. s so am I shooting benedetti was downgraded because I got actually shoot good but now it's we're can't even make the layups. On top missing most of my 3-point shots that at I'm an 88 overall and we finish at the basket or supposed to be higher and can even make them in the game now.
  • Same problem here, EA is just ruining another game... Now it's impossible to play streets and live events cause even without guard you just miss all most all the shots and layups.. And in the league the RP you win by completing the objectives does not goes to the profile's wallet.
  • almost*
  • LOL, I was about to complain, that all layups goes in 100%... I miss ONLY when my opponent challenges me at the rim with a big guy. My player have like 85 layup rating and he just do unbelievable reverse double pump no look layups in a traffic. That doesn't look realistic at all, but I love this game a lot, so I don't have a problem with that for real...
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