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NBA LIVE - 02/21 Live Content Update

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edited February 2019

Hey NBA Live peeps,

We have another Live Content update rolling out for you today, which features brand new shoe styles (Jordan 'Black Cat' and 'Wheat', Adidas Crazy 8 USA Pack), new Nike team shirts, Top-performer jerseys from All-Star Weekend, Mitchell & Ness "Gold" items.


Lineup Changes

Court battles

Store update

Click on the spoiler below for full details:



The NBA Live Team.
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  • Add new players in the store to buy, get rid of the traded players already
  • Can the Wizards get a Lineup Correction...🤔
  • How do you unlock the new dribble animation
  • This update sucks. They call foul everytime you attempt a block. The passing is even more horrible. The cpu intercepts every pass you attempt. Why can't they get these updates right?
  • For my opinions on Live 19, I think I ma call it here, not that I am disappointed, but I am looking forward to Live 20.NBA Live team, you guys have done more than enough for Live 19, if anyone has noticed, Live 19,with all the updates,is almost a new game compared to when it was released last year.What you have given us, we saw it. I first played Live 99 on my PC and played the game all the way from Antonie Walker to Camelo Anthorny.Though the last time I played this game was more than 10 years ago,I am happy to be back to the game and see it change for better.So I really have great expectations for the NBA Live team and Live 20.I don't want the game to be like 2K, I want it to be a game with its own unique attrations.Here are some of my hopes for NBA Live 20, among others,
    1. the engine,which is the biggest bug now, please just change the engine, Frostbite or not;
    2. give us more flexibility setting our own created players, like create a 5 with only 5'8 after Shaq or a 1
    with 7'2 after Iverson,that kind of flexibilty and fun
    3.maybe you can do what FIFA does, give us a bigger picture, about basketball
    4. keep the streets,I love it, possibly give us some streetball moves in street mode, remember And 1? think about it.
    Again, as a fossil game player and a fan, appreciation to the NBA Live team and all the best to the game!
  • Tvdv24
    1 posts New member
    I feel like this is the best game and most realistic basketball game ive ever played. EA, you guys have done terrific this year. No, not perfect. But your updates have been great!! The feel of this game is incredible. I still get so pumped to play it even after logging hundreds or even thousands of hours on it.
  • Slam dunk champion Hamidou Diallo, wins competition decisively and only has 81 in athleticism and dunk rating of 79 !? Makes no sense at all
  • For the one mode. Can you make it so we can transfer our character to the regular franchise mode. I dont want to loose al that work.

    After u beat the one mode give option to transfer to franchise with current stats at anytime but it causes a new franchise.

    Also if u win then trade to a team then trade back the dialog is as if u never traded from that team. Can that be updated as well?

    Lastly once u beat the one and want to do a harder level it seems your locked in unless u make a new characther? I want to finish with my old guy.
  • FilipTayo18
    1 posts New member
    Quite annoying the sound of the bounce ball are not sync-in
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