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NBA live 19 franchise mode

I have been a 2k user since 2007. Live 19 is the first game I’ve fell in love with in a long time but live19 lacks on some basic features. Live 19 doesn’t allow multiple user controlled teams in its franchise mode and it’s literally the ONLY reason I bought nba 2k19. PLEASE PUT OUT AN UPDATE THAT GIVES US THIS ABILITY. Live 19 has me sold but it’s a few basic features that it doesn’t have.
- User control franchise teams
- Option to edit player jersey numbers
- The option of fixed or serpentine fantasy draft order
- The option to set the fantasy draft order
Again I don’t expect it to have full control over everything just yet such as relocation and summer league but some of the basic features are missing. Please consider fixing this with an update. It’s the only thing hurting my live 19 experience. It’s a great game but it would completely shut down me and my friends playing 2k19 if we all could do our franchise mode on live instead of 2k


  • memofo72
    1 posts New member
    And please add player lock. Not all of us can compete online, so let me be a star in my own franchise. Thanks in advance.
  • dm2256
    1 posts New member
    I loved both games could we have a discord link for franchise mode or The League..
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