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  • Hi EA I know your not dropping a Live game on console until next gen comes out but can you guys give us one last roster update with all the rookies added to their respectible teams i.e Zion Williamson on the pelicans and R.J. Barrett on the Knicks a…
  • What they need to do is have a update that includes roster update with all rookies and real face scans they also need to patch in the live motion movement they had in live 16 cause if you've played live 16 it's the best and most fluid non canned ani…
  • See this is why NBA live is falling behind 2k they dont fix or add the things that is needed to the game. They too focus on live event stuff. Add some more content to your franchise mode to make it more enticing. Like more animations not that stiff …
  • the next big patch need to let us see when players get hurt in the game when your playing add ejections to the game players get booed in the game like Kyrie did when he went back to Cleveland have the crowd chant air ball when a player shoots a air …
  • Now that live have fixed the online stuff we need live to focus on franchise mode more what live 18 needs in the next patch is realistic dunking sounds and basketball hitting the rim sounds not that sound of someone shooting a ball in a paper cup al…
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