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  • I've done it few days ago on PS4. First you need to install app on you mobile phone. Then you need to register to EA and make your account (if you don't have one already). Start app and scan your face (best on daily light) and wait app to finish it …
  • LOL, I was about to complain, that all layups goes in 100%... I miss ONLY when my opponent challenges me at the rim with a big guy. My player have like 85 layup rating and he just do unbelievable reverse double pump no look layups in a traffic. That…
  • Yep! I've noticed that as well. Game's code is obviously written to make you play with your "group of five", so if you are still a role-player, you are sharing court with 4 other reserves, so game somehow ignore the fact, that you have a b…
  • Hey EA, you are doing great with Live 19. The only thing that need to be added is some team creator feature, so we can create a team from scratch (create jerseys, courts, arenas etc.). We should be able to create old school teams with retro players.…
  • I gotta say... I LOVE NBA LIVE 19!!! I was HUGE Live fan back in 90's and early 2000's, so I'm really happy how you turn things around. Yes, there is still a lot of space for improvements, but I must say... I play it all the time. Love the leveling …
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