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  • Can you please update the rosters to the 2019-2020 rosters? Since Live 20 was cancelled.
  • Can you guys please update the rosters in NBA Live 19? You already have most of the trades updated for this season why not add the rookies since you have the rights to do so? With live 20 cancelled this would make tons of sense. That way you don't waste the rights on a cancelled game. And I'm sure people want an…
  • It seems there is a frame rate drop while playing in the snow and the players rarely leave footprints and such. I know the frostbite engine is capable of doing so and more with weather. It would be nice to have snow look like snow on the ground.
  • Madden 10 had and still has the best soundtrack ever! All geners and great songs!
  • Don't worry they hate Browns fans too. Cleveland is with you.
  • Don't forget about the Dawg pound! There is no barking at First Energy Stadium.
  • I was playing h2h offline with Jax vs Dallas and the announcer said Pittsburgh scores again. lol after Jax scored. can u please look in to this it is very annoying when the announcers can't get the game I'm playing right. Also where is the dawg pound and Cleveland's stadium sounds? You guys always leave us out in the cold…
  • Do you guys ever experience controller lag on the PS4? Wondering if it's just me or the game itself. I don't have the problem occur while playing any other game. I reset the controller with the reset button and still get the same results happenening
  • Can you please fix the snow?? Players don't leave footprints. And what happened to players getting dirty? They stay clean throughout the game no matter what the weather is!
  • Where is the dog pound??? Every team has their stadium sounds but Cleveland.
  • I was up 21-3 in the fourth qtr and I fumbled on 4 straight drives and lost.
  • Also it's better to run on early downs and short yardage situations
  • Any which way you can score. If you are behind in the 2nd qtr you should mix in runs and if you have control of the ball with under 2mins left watch the clock. If your leading with under 2 left in the 4th then run and force them to burn their time outs. If you are down with close to 2 mins left throwing is the best option…
  • [quote="crof_s;c-2082049"]I struggle with defense and I struggle to know when to pass the ball. I also don't know when I should run the clock etc. I am literally a beginner. I only know how you score and stop people scoring. Also don't know what players I should get in UT[/quote] Are you asking when to throw the ball to…
  • Why is there glare coming from white jerseys? Also where are the Browns fans? Every stadium has those sounds but Cleveland! Fumbling is still an issue. And can you put an option for Madden 10 defensive controls? Using the dpad is confusing and takes more time to execute especially since the whole game is no huddle
  • Where are the Browns fans? Every team has their stadium sounds but not Cleveland why?
  • Can you please fix the defensive adjustments? It is absolutely horrible that I can't shift the defensive line without moving my linebackers and Safeties.
  • [quote="MoGooda;c-2081983"]Can you please fix the defensive alignments??? Why can I not move my D line without moving my LBs and Safetys at the same time? [/quote]
  • Can you please fix the defensive alignments??? Why can I not move my F line with out moving my LBs and Safetys at the same time?
  • I hate that the huddle is gone just for defense and realistic reasons. But what I hat the most is why can I not move my D line without moving the LBs and Safties???? It drives me nuts!
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