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  • Rebounding has to emphasized & overhauled with new sequences of movement basically true basketball movement and wirh AI intelligence/hustle/effort being enforced and with these dumbed down action. Rules have to be enforced & incorporated period it's a fundamental action in basketball. This is just 1 of many to be…
  • That isn't pertaining to gameplay those are features not gameplay
  • Nba Live Veterans Committee would glady appreciate if the #NbaLiveCommunity follow us on Twitter @Nlvcommittee so you won't miss a beat on shows on #Twitch and #YouTube also we provide an analytical approach to gaming and development and Nba Live as a whole #TruthIsStandard hope to hear from you all…
  • Holding a #CommunityInsight this weekend #LiveCommunity If your down to join message me on Twitter or in here and i hope to hear from you all
  • Gentlemen appreciate the love no doubt however not only myself but the #Nlvc we know what is going to be in the next installment, however,it is up to EA to allow the Devs to provide a good product. However we the NLVC just did a video breaking down why Live went in the direction there in and Seans vision was derailed by…
  • Ladies and Gentlemen Want to know the real about #NbaLive and get proper material & Info to the fullest come to the channel #RiseTogether https://www.youtube.com/c/Prime7674
  • Things were stated and I truly appreciate the Devs and this is something that was suggested and they saw it and took into strong consideration #NLVC gladly read also check out the video as well https://youtu.be/t9zM7XhHh04
  • The layout of the situation and the placement of the release and significants of the delay comes into play and the direction is clear we the #NLVC broke everything down so the masses can understand the situation. Now there is a possibility that Live will come out from here on end at midseason or we will get games in 17 or…

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