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  • Great suggestions. I also feel that Live can be the superior game of the two. The gameplay is getting there. Some fixes in certain areas will catapult this game.
  • From Erika. Now I know this is just a photo of a mo-cap machine and we have seen nothing but mo-cap from the team but this is something after months of silence. The game is still being worked on. We can't read to much into this photo, like why is there a floating head, I've seen that enough on twitter. My whole point of…
  • > @Clueminati said: > > > > Once be sure to check the NLVC Community Insight hosted by @Prime7476. > > > Also, another plug-in shout out for you guys to check out their articles of JoystickJocks. One of their members crept in here, show some love and welcome in @texasgmr to the forums. I also help moderate their streams on…
  • > @GGrievous11 said: > Recently I found myself in a weird situation, I found in the arena battlegraund a Russell Westbrook that doesn't belongs to this line up, it's possible or it's people cheating the arena??? please a need some anwers!! I tag a picture to prove the situation > >…
  • My wishlist and I have stated this on Twitter numerous times, I want the team to expand more on the Career side of our players. I love everything about NBA Live 19, despite their bugs, but their modes were bland. The replay value is really, really low. I hate to say it but I feel that is why I have to buy NBA 2K, because…
  • Man, I do hope we get something soon. I have all the respect for the team and know they are hard-working on the game. They won't let the NBA Live series die. It is hard, has been hard that they have been silent. Still praying good things from the series.

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