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Line changes

Thoughts? Few friends of mine, we all play FIFA pro clubs religiously, bought NHL 17 to give the EASHL a shot. Was disappointed to find out there are no line changes. The strategy behind it would be great. Would also allow more than 6 players.

Could also be an option for your club to match against teams with line changes on, captain gets to pick what line everybody is playing on etc.


  • I wouldn't like it. Been playing how it is for a while. I hate getting penalties and waiting so I'd imagine hating changes. Plus it's a video game. There aren't enough consequences or potential consequences for staying out on the ice too long. Might work though. I like how it is
  • I think in EASHL there should be line changes... But it's still 6 on 6, and each player picks their player setup for each line...
    So for example; Right Winger picks Sniper for Line 1, Playmaker Line 2, Grinder Line 3, Enforcer Line 4... or whatever.
    Even let us customize looks of each player for each line... So for example; Fourth line RW has beard and tucked jersey... First line guy has mustache and visor... etc etc...
  • There could be line changes as in getting the game feeling more like hockey. If they added this feature, it should definately be just that one build four times, the exact same guy. It would be good addition, because then players wouldn't just slowly get more and more tired as the period goes on. It would make a difference with icings for example, other team would get fresh legs on the ofensive zone face off, and defenders would need to keep tired guys on.

    It's also a part of hockey to realize when it's a good time to skate to the bench. I'd like to see this addition in the future.
  • Murphdawg1
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    They'll have to improve their severs if they ever allow more than 12 max in a game.
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