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Tony amonte or 93 awards Bobby hull? Played a few games with hull I like him but amonte is clutch only real difference I see is team synergies and endurance


  • ESPOtheDON
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    depends on his role on the team... and what line? that endurance is a big issue if he is supposed to be playing big time minutes...

    Amonte the better all-around player but Hull has the slight offensive advantage, and it also depends on what build you like playing with
  • h8ttrick
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    Well he will be playing on a line with Sullivan and m.richards so there is a playmaker sniper and twf so pretty even line all around I'm just not sure
  • do you have your team created on hutdb so we could take a look at it?
  • I am using Amonte, on my third dude is so clutch when the top two need a break...
  • h8ttrick
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    I do need the endurance on every line top three lines get big minutes.
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