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Where is the logic in this? Online VS disconnect...

So, I was beating some chump in Versus play last night, it was like 4-1 near the end of the game. With about a minute to go, guess who lost power for literally 2 seconds. Yup, just long enough to shut down and reset everything. So, I go back in and I see I was credited with a DSC Loss 0-3.

Look, really I don't care about my horrible under 500 record, because let's face it every 12 months we are all 0-0 on the second Tuesday in September. I just can't fathom in 2017 that the game isn't smart enough to at least call it a tie when you are winning and get disconnected. Seems like the code should account for the score when the disconnect happens. It would almost be better to just pretend it didn't happen then to get credited for a loss in this situation.

I am also sure this is one of those things people would abuse if the person disconnecting didn't automatically get a loss. It just feels wrong to get a loss when I was crushing this guy when the friggin power unexpectedly went out. I know it isn't a big deal, but I am still a little salty about how that game ended last night.


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