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Use Best Game Location in EASHL

"USE BEST GAME LOCATION" is one of the absolute dumbest things ever added to this game. I don't understand why, in a series that is full of online issues EA tries to be different. Why can't you just give us the option to play on east/west/euro like any other online game?

It was already bad with "MATCH MY SERVER" and the game sometimes failing to put you in the correct server, but now, it will take a random guess of what server you should be on, leading to more cross server play. It's unbearable. Hell, the game barely works online when you are playing on your home server.

I hope EA was smart enough to realize this mistake and fix this for 18. If the trailer releases and it's just a guy choosing his server, finding a game quickly, and playing a lag free game, I'll preorder.


  • I'll pre-order if I can see the damn ping times with other clubs before getting into the actual game. Somehow seeing s generic "Good" with green bars is a bit vague. I don't find games with a 35 - 50+ ms ping "good", do you? By the time you realize it, it's too late. and you have to play with that disadvantage. My club gets it a lot and we're all based east coast. I'm sure I'm not alone there.

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  • BassMan_PC
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    This is a must fix for Club and Drop-in. The terrible matchmaking and mixing of regions has ruined NHL 17. The lag and delay has gone on for too long and should have been patched already. This game has terrible support. A community manager should have been here on day one acknowledging the issue and making this a top priority and it should have been fixed quickly. Another failure by EA. They are so out of touch with what is needed to grow this community. We better be able to force region in NHL 18 or it will be a write off as well.
  • trw1987
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    man...they added it for BF...why the hell cant we select our region in NHL?
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