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Nhl 18 Trailer

So what you guys think?

I like the idea of more creativity with dekes and defensive skill stick will be a nice addition.

The three seems like it could be a lot of fun between the Hut grinding and co-op in Hut is something I wanted for a long time.


  • Taste-D-Rainbow
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    Whether you need a helping hand or just want to show off roster, you can now invite your friends to join you and help you progress in more modes, including Hockey Ultimate Team™, Online Vs. and EA SPORTS™ NHL® THREES.


    The trailer itself was alright. The addition of new dekes is nice but it is hard enough already to contain very good forwards in NHL17 with the limited arsenal we have on D. It would have been nice to see more defensive gameplay.
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  • Too bad they didnt add co-op for online hut as well.

    Yeah it was really focused on the offense and scoring crazy goals.

    Bigger hits and especially hits over the board would be a VERY nice addition, I really miss that instead of hitting a guy against the boards and he just squeeze right through like a ghost and score on the break away like it is now.
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