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Awards set ended early

Why did the awards set end already? I had 2 carbons and 3 Maurice Richard cards to get bure. What happened?!


  • Yep same here I was ready to get Brett hull and boom set is gone
  • Messed up, they give a bunch of collectibles out as awards then cut the set you use them in ahead of schedule. They could at least put out some set which would allow you to use them.
  • Same boat here. It wasn't supposed to end until after 2am on the east coast!
  • Pycnotic
    167 posts Member
    Yea I had a few ready to collect last night and they are gone now, so what do I do now with all those collectables? There isn't anything in the trading post to turn them in.
  • ESPOtheDON
    2940 posts Member
    might be a decent time to buy like 10 collectibles at 100 coins each... worst case you lose a few bucks

    maybe they bring set back
  • It's in the game!

    Errrr, it was in the game. Typical EA haha
  • Set is back, collectibles still going pretty cheap
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