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Drop-In Shinny Mode

For 6v6 EASHL to take off, need a casual mode that tries to maintain a 6v6 human experience.

For this, we'd need game rooms that quickly restart after each match, shuffle the teams (unless enough vote to rematch), and not just allow but insist on JOINING GAMES IN PROGRESS.

Joining (or queuing to get in the next one) a friend that you see playing online is standard in today's games. If it's not possible to Join-In-Progress, then this mode could be shorter games (1 period), and have the Queued players join between each short game.

"Next Game" instead of "Back to Menu" is standard in today's games. The post-game lobby from Drop-Ins is a good start, but then you go back into the original menu experience. Keep that game lobby open, Shuffle the teams up (group/party members get split up too - its just as fun to play against your friends as with them) and I'd expect more to stick around.

Pipe dream, but for the 1-2 minutes between games, keep us in the loaded game area as a shoot-around, while its filling back up to 6v6.

EASHL player
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