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TOTY Players and the Market

Hey folks

I was a active user on this forum years ago, Did the secret Santa 1 year with HUT Leafs and did tons of giveaways ect but this forum seems pretty dead now just like the HUT market.

Are TOTY players that hard to find on the market?

Wanted a couple of TOTY players but not seen any of them on the market in months.


So do people think the game is dead this year and I have no chance of getting him ( fav player) as the market just seems dead , And what do people think it will be like next year? More players as people spend more money or less...As honestly not many play the game now.



  • Tarasenko was given to everyone by ea but he is untradeable. And I think aho wasn't in packs and the price to complete the set to get a 92 overall was crazy. So that's why they are so rare. Also totys have the most synergies so people probably use them to play games
  • I have bought NHL for years yet no Tarasenko ? Because Im in England and not America / Canada ?

    We never see happy hours or anything in our timezone.. It's a shame because a little more effort to the rest of the world might pick the game up a little.

    Rather gutted I can't get my hands on a Tarra now ,(

    Thanks for the reply tho dude
  • You can get mov tarasenko, same overall
  • Yeah I know bud, Just thought he was in packs aswel so could have been on the market.

    I waited 2 months to get a TOTY Koivu and snapped up the 1st I saw on the market lol
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