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NHL 17 Be a Pro Goalie questions

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Hey friends, a few questions from Germany.

I like playin a goalie but some things i dont understand.

1.how do you get the teamplay category high?
i knew saves grew up by saves.... positioning by positioning...but teamplay?
i play passes after a catch as often as i can but i seldom get pucks behind my net.
in front of the goal i cant get pucks because of trapezoid....

2. what settings du you play? whats on auto.... how long are you periods....
i dont wanna play 20 minutes one third´s .... i will have progress in my calendar.... but i think 3 minutes one thirds are to less to reach the targets....

3. do you simulate many games to have progress in the years ?

4. do you play full simulation settings withl all star difficulty or what else?


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