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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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HUT vs Madden Ultimate Team

The Madden team had a customer appreciation program in honour of Independence Day this weekend. What did the NHL team do for Canada Day (Also one of the biggest dates on the NHL calendar)?


  • Did Hut do anything for independance day either? I know what you're saying, one would think a develop group based in Canada would do something special for the 150th celebration but it does seem like they're doing more this year to keep up interest in the game with the ongoing competitive seasons and new collections.
  • Lol they seemed to have the weekend off but I expected something big yesterday night
  • Does Madden ever have double XP weekends? I remember when NHL used to have those.
  • Double XP would be nice, having the 15k gold pack for 7500 coins for couple days here and there throughout the season would be nice too. I found HUT to be good this year, haven't had as much fun in hut since 11. Hopefully they can improve on the experience in NHL18, only time will tell.
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