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Goalie butterfly movement

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I need some help with this. I've been learning how to play goalie for a couple of weeks now. I mostly play EASHL, where the goalie movement feels rather different to me compared to the other modes. Anyway, I've developed a great deal, but I have one major weakness that I'm struggling to improve. As per the thread title, that weakness is positioning myself whilst in butterfly. I'm looking for some tips on that.

It's gotten to the point where I will sometimes remain standing up even when I know I should be in butterfly. I do fine with post-to-post movement. When the puck is behind the net, I just drop to butterfly and hold both triggers simultaneously (I'm using the alternate goalie controls) so I can snap into either post at will.

The problems arise when the puck is passed or carried and I need to reposition myself while remaining in butterfly. If there's a shooter in front, it's pretty simple: I let go of the post hug trigger and push towards him. Anyone weaving back and forth with the puck or passing it somewhere that I failed to anticipate, and I'm in trouble.

The regular butterfly movement is delayed because your goalie needs to kick his way to where you want him to go, and that kick also results in a relatively long stride. The combination of those two things catches me out of position all too often. I've seen other goalies move with much more finesse in butterfly, however. I know about disabling precision movement and then flicking the left stick, but I feel like that move is too short for comfortably repositioning myself.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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