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Good ms but still experience sluggishness

Hi this is a bit of a personal lag problem for me.

My network connection in NHL says it's good at a consistent 16ms however I still feel sluggishness.

I only have the PS4 as a wire s in system to my router everything else is on wifi. When I disabled my wifi the sluggishness seems o have improved. This is odd as most devices on my wifi aren't doing anything bandwidth heavy and in fact when I'm playing during a time where no other device is in use I still feel the sluggishness.

I'm using the router than came with my Shaw internet services but does anyone have experience with any other routers than can customize the QOS to enhance the gaming lag without having to disconnect wifi?



  • Socair
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    If you're with shaw, are you based out of western Canada? Most of us in the west experience slow gameplay in the NHL series.

    With eashl its server based and the western server is not always reliable. Most games show a "normal" west ping, but when you check the other teams location afterwards, they will often be an east team. This started after the last update; before that at least it would show an east ping when playing an east club.

    Same can be said for drop in if that's what you are doing...chances are there are more east people playing anyway and you're going to feel sluggish.
  • I'm on West Coast Vancouver and on Telus. I'm thinking of moving to Shaw when my contract is over this fall. 3 years of not being able to poke check, Body check or any puck control. charging up a pass takes almost 2 seconds, my strategies / Ai is always behind the play by 2 seconds or more.
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