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Why are my posts being deleted?

This was my reply to the thread about 3's:
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6v6 with TPS = slow, sloppy, clunky gameplay.

3v3 should speed up the game, its a much needed arcade feel this game desperately needs. The game has been in decline since NHL13 and TPS, after a few months I believe 3v3 EASHL will be more popular than 6v6 EASHL, iMO of course, we will see.

I think the casuals, newbies and those that only play forward will play it more. Also those clubs that run with only 2's and 3's will play it more.

Those that prefer 6's, playing a team game and that are in one of the numerous leagues will stick to playing 6's.

Unfortunately, all of the big name streamers who have never played hockey get to provide more input into the game than the hardcore community that wants actual hockey. These HUT **** will jump on the 3v3 bandwagon because they think that's where this game can be an "eSport" even though we all know NHL 11 EASHL was basically one, and had the devs just ran with that, the game would be decently sized now.

This game is the result of short millennial attention spans combined with losers who have never played hockey before, but get to be huge voices for the game because they open virtual trading cards all day while the rest of us work.

As I've said numerous times, we should just crowd-another NHL Hitz. Game would be 1000x the game EA could ever produce, since were apparently going the SicKK DANgleeZz 3v3 route anyway.

That's actually pretty well said.
That is what's happening past few years. Even our GC group reflected that and was build around the card game mainly.

Now as they opening this Pandora's box with Threes, I'm honestly don't expect the things turn for the better. It will be worse imo, much worse for the hockey video gaming.

This all sounds pretty narrow minded actually.

Do you guys think EASHL 6's is big successful online experience that it was intended to be? The answer is no, there are too many flaws and the 6's community is simply too small for EA to keep pumping out the same EASHL mode over and over again with limited success.

I'll give you a few reasons why 6's simply doesn't work for someone like me and I'm sure there are a lot of people in the same boat:

As I've gotten older I have much less time to play games. When I do get a chance to play a game I actually want to PLAY. With EASHL currently, you enter a lobby. people back out, rinse and repeat for sometimes 15 - 20 minutes. When you do finally get into a game, people often leave after 1 goal, or go afk and leave their player offside, or pause the game continuously. Often after 1 period, half the players are gone and the game is pretty much over. Wasn't that fun? So I just wasted 30 - 40 minutes of my life not even playing a game.

Not all of us have time to put together a club for 6's. Some of us just want to log in and play.

3's will be great because:

- fewer players to back out of lobbies
- no offsides (I think) which will prevent trolling
- AI goalies which will also prevent trolling
- quicker games which won't take up to an hour
- less pausing

And you know what? You might actually have some fun with it and meet some good teammates who set up good plays and stuff. It will also eliminate the problem of finding players to play defence who never get passed to.

There are simply too many good reasons to implement 3's and I wish people had more of an open mind to it before they start trashing it and calling everyone who wants it some "short attention span millenial".

I mean, you haven't even played it yet.


  • All of the the reasons you listed are either wrong or not yet confirmed..

    There will likely be offsides, why would there not be?

    There will be user goalies, it's confirmed as in 3 skaters and 1 goalie

    There is nothing to show that games will be shorter other than less penalties being taken and less time for users to advance through intermissions
  • 3s definitely will have its place.i think it's a welcome addition, though I personally will always love the 6s human interaction.
  • 3s definitely will have its place.i think it's a welcome addition, though I personally will always love the 6s human interaction.

    Same. Hockey is 6 vs 6 to me and I don't play anything less than 5 vs 5 so I most likely won't be playing this new 3 vs 3 mode.

  • 3 vs 3 is two separate modes, there is 3 vs 3 arcade where you choose nhl players I believe and the rules are less penalties or a penalty results in a penalty shot, no offsides, smaller rink and bigger hits etc, probably more agility and a slight more arcade feel

    Then there is 3 vs 3 eashl where you use your own current club and can choose to play 3 vs 3 or 6 on 6 and all stats go towards your club, you use your created custom player, the rink sizes are normal, all the rules are the same as normal eashl you only just have the option to play 3 skaters and a goalie vs 3 skaters and a goalie
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