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NHL 18 Beta Feedback Thread


  • Tracking Goalie Assists,Goals, and points in EASHL needs to be added to the game as well
  • What's up with not being able to see your opponent in VS before the game? I usually play as a mid-range team, and I just got a guy playing as all-stars. Lame, but why not if you'll get an advantage every time?

    Hey guys. I have a problem when editing my lines in NHL18 in season mode. I have the right number of players dressed (i guess) but i cannot have 12 different players lined up in offense. When I want to finalise by changing a player on a line that already plays on another line, i have a NO LINES message: "the player that is being substituted will no longer by playing on any line. Would you like substiting?"
    This is annoying as I have to play with default lines or have a player that is on 2 lines and one that is on none.
    Anyone has a clue about how to fix that? THX
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