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NHL 18 Beta Feedback Thread


  • Starmen01
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    This is the first in while I played the beta version of NHL and I have to say, the beta version of NHL18 is interesting. From playing the beta, I have some feedback so far on what I played:

    1) I like the different Jerseys every NHL team has. I was hoping for years, EA would add past jerseys of the teams to the list of available jerseys you can chose from. I was hoping EA maybe as a suggestion, could you do the same for the AHL teams too? I would love to play using different jerseys for teams from past years when I do a quick game.

    2) I like the speed of some of the game modes, in the beta. I feel one mode, 3 on 3 goes fast that I not really played as long as the clock on the board says. I notices in NHL17 hut was the same where it be a 60 min game but it only took 20-30 mins to play the hut game. So, as a suggestion EA, Is it possible to add the same game speed like HUT had as an option, for game speed type in the different modes (like Franchise, Be a Pro, and Season mode) when you play the games? I feel users could get more done in Franchise and Season mode, if they chose to play the game instead of sim them.

    So, other than that, everything else is great. I will continue playing more and post more suggestions and/or bugs, if I find any.


  • Better game
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    I've only played EASHL in the beta so my feedback is focused on my experience with that.

    - Skater pivoting from front to back skate when holding LT needs to be improved. Right now it feels clunky, slow, and sometimes unresponsive.

    - While handling the puck the range of the player's stick feels too short when moving the right stick left and right.

    - Puck pick ups could use some improvement. There are often times when I skate right over a completely still loose puck without even attempting to take it.

    - Puck chop is too difficult to perform with the new controls.

    - Hustle doesn't seem to work at all anymore. Has it been removed from the game?

    - Player names on the back of jerseys are cut off.
  • The beta is absolutely broken in EASHL and I really hope this is gunna be fixed before the official launch of the game.

    NHL THREES is a well done new game mode that will be nice to play with/against friends and I did not tried online versus yet

    What I really wanted to do in the beta was to see if eashl is better than last year but let me tell ya, it even WORST than last year's model. Goalies are so bad idk why u guys at EA keep the minding that A slap shot from any angle is actually A real good shot and has to go in no matter what. I've played A ton of games in EASHL and the only thing I see from other teams is slap shots and one timers and they go in every single time...

    What I would recommend is that U should boost goaltenders a bit for them to save more cross crease or their reactions for them to be able to save A slapper.

    AI have been upgraded so much that I thank you for that huge improvement. But they still get dangle and passed in A second, they should Get A little defensive buff too.

    If you've actually read every single word in that message well thank you
  • Oh and I missed something,

    puck pickups are absolutely DISGUSTING way too much wasted opportunities because of that
  • ksmmgaming wrote: »
    Please make it harder to score on goalies. Every year the AI goalies seemed to gotten better. This year it's seems so easy to score. This is resulting in games ending with scored such as, 9-8, 11-6. Hockey is a low scoring game. That's what makes scoring so special. Since there's so many goals it's not as exciting. Please I'm asking you please make the AI goalies better

    It's always like that in the betas... I'm not even going to explain why $$$. Don't worry the goalies will be water tight by January
  • There are tons of issues with this game....
    The main thing is... It's stilll the same game that been put out the last 5 years, but just with added features...

    1. To easy to knock player off puck
    2. Goalies are to slow
    3. Players can stand there with puck out to side and not lose puck no matter what u try to do to him
    4. Poke checking is stupid, way to easy to poke puck away from someone, even through 2 players in front of you
    5. Fix interference, you can hit players away from play and not get called
    6. Ai is still the same as always
  • And I need to add

    You still cannot pick up puck

    This game should only cost $10. If more then that then you are ripping people off
  • After playing a few days now, the game seems largely the same as last year, with some tweaks.

    The main thing I'm noticing is defense is a bit easier to play, and AI is slightly better. The new features are great; the skill stick, the dekes, 3's. All welcome additions.

    Exploits are still present though, as AI Dmen too often get caught out of position on the rush. (Particularly along the boards, during the rush.) Cross crease passes from the corner are a bit trickier to pull off, but do able. Goal/No Goal review calls still seem to be a toss up. Bugs in matchmaking/error codes. (I know, it's a beta.) I'm still trying to find a perfect medium for the pass assist.

    The one thing that this iteration does well and will teach players to do, is play smart hockey. Throughout my beta experience, I watched players skate into traffic, make bad passes, and hold the puck too long; and in turn, they were punished. This game, while not devoid of it's AI exploits, will teach players to be better, less selfish players, by effectively punishing them for making bad plays. This is great for the community as a whole. People will learn to move the puck, and make it more of a team game again.

    Overall, I'm happy with the positive step forward in gameplay, and I love the new modes and features, but feel that the many flaws will yet again plague the series, and turn off many customers.

  • Let's give some feedback NHL18 Beta

    I have play only EASHL and 3vs3 and i can say 3vs3 is fun when you play friends.
    First 2-3days EASHL was really fun and i like a lot when AI defence was playing good and goalies was way better than NHL17.

    Our team was Top10 clubs and we score like less than 3 times per game and enemy score us less than 1.6 times.
    I really like it and i was ready to pay this game but what happend to NHL18 beta when you have somekind of server update or stuff like that.

    AI was after that total gargabe, defenders just skate and skate and skate and the goalies my god, every game after that server update or something our goalie has been total joke. every game save % is 60-70.

    I havent play EASHL for 2 days when goalies are bad, defenders are really bad and it's easy to score just like NHL17.

    Why goalies and defenders are so bad now?
    And EA you need start do something players how left the game. DNF wins are so bad and we need see somekind of penalty thesekinds of players.

    30min ban or they need wait game to end or just really huge xp penalty.

    You can hit power forward like any time and anywhere and you dont get penalty but if you do it 2way forward you get penalty for boarding.

    3vs3 is fun when you dont play your best players and we had so good games when we play players how overall was 68-75.

    EA you need really start use time and effort to NHL serie, why Fifa and Madden are way better.

    NHL18 Beta looks now and feels like update NHL17 and it's not 80€ game for me.

    I want to see way better AI and goalies have to be way better, new icehall looks really nice EASHL.

  • trw1987
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    Well, the gameplay is...interesting. Puck pickups havent gotten better, in fact they appear to have gotten worse. I was just in a 3s game that Taste-D-Rainbow was in, and I can tell you the glitch goal goes in at an unbelievable rate again(8 games played, Ive seen it go in about 17). I
    The hitting "bubble" is still there, the passing is ok compared to last year, the AI is still the AI(dumb and making then worst possible plays) I think I lost connection to the Rainbow game and it was 4-0, but its the same as the last four years...one goalie lets everything in while the other is the lovechild of Spiderman and a Fortress wall. Its only the beta, and while I hope for improvements...last year the "finished" product was actually worse than the beta...so Im not holding my breath there.

    The defensive skill stick is a great tool when you use it correctly(blocking passing lanes with sweeping sticks etc)...but even thats only a matter of time before it becomes tween poke spam. I love the pace of 3s in EASHL though...its alot more fun than I thought it would be
  • When your AI teammate is taking the puck up and he reaches the offensive blue line sometimes they do a stupid deke to lose then puck there is no need for the AI to do a deke move if it's not necessary... This was a problem in HUT in 17 AIs doing dekes when not necessary
  • achsdu17
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    Been playing the Beta and honestly I feel like it's last years game with tighter improvements to the skating and puck handling. Something I feel 17 suffered with last year. I have to ask though... what happened to the hustle button? I'm trying to pull away for a breakaway as Nathan MacKinnon and yet, the D is able to track me down. I'm really not impressed with this NHL17.2 title and will most likely skip 18.

    Plain and simple EA... I'm board. The NHL series is just not fun anymore. We desperately need some competition, to get this franchise rejuvenated.
  • Pavel_Beer_Eh
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    puck goes thru the back of Net NO goal


    After 40 plus games of the beta I feel like its really bad. It's like EA worked off nhl 17 Beta instead of working off NHL 17 latest patched version.
    EASHL club went 29 - 9 -1 ... still hate the beta
    so buggy I've decided not to spend the $99 on the preorder
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  • Blqckhawks19
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    The computer AI still blows. In my 3v3 EASHL games the computer defenseman (we were running 2 humans) would constantly be behind our opponents net or just trying to play forward in general and in return give up breakaways everytime and it was beyond frustrating and needs to be fixed. Just have them stay back on defense for **** sake pretty simple.

    Goalie AI needs to be fixed to actually try to make saves on shots that they should save, if that made sense. There would be a 2 on 1 against us and they can make one pass across the ice and our goalie would be flopping on the ice before the shot even came, again, beyond frustrating. It just seems like the goalies are doing desperation saves, stacking the pads more then actually making saves like in butterfly or with their glove or something. In the games I played the only goalie who was flopping around constantly was ours, our opponents goalie would make these crazy diving across the net saves with the knobs of their sticks on one timers that had to be going atleast 100mph, very unrealistic they make those saves but our goalie lets in wrist shots from the blue line? come on EA.

    The instant poke with the computer AI NEEEEEEEEDS to be removed because it is VERY annoying when you try to headman the puck and the computer AI, without MOVING, just sticks his stick into the lane and intercepts the puck when he's no where near the puck or the player you're trying to pass too. It's just unrealistic and annoying. I'm pretty sure the AI have a radar or something like an area if the puck is in that area they poke or intercept or whatever and it needs to be adjusted. How? idk. thats not my job.

    Seamless puck pickups are not seamless, pretty much the opposite, thats all I have to say about that.

    Just a minor change needs to be done to acceleration. When I try to accelerate its like my guy has 2 anchors tied to each ankle.

    Also on breakaways idk if it happens to other people aswell but I'll do a deke and have a wide open net and I go to shoot and it fans and like shoots it into the goalies pad really slowly.
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  • Blqckhawks19
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    Remove icetilt please its so obvious its in the game lol
  • Why can't we see the connection bars at the beginning of the game also y can't we see the other player I don't want to play some guy who is position locked for that I would just play offline maybe take out position locking out all together in competitive mode
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    Anyone else noticed you seem to get some penalties for tying the opponent's stick (by keeping the X pressed)? It works as should, as apparent by the animation, so it's not a regular stick-lift that causes this. it is fairly random though, sometimes you get a penalty, sometimes not. Wonder if it's timing related or something?

    But it didn't used to be a thing in NHL17, and not worth a penalty anyways, is it?

  • HandsomeCatf1sh
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    Please fix the puck chop
  • I noticed the fatigue at the end of the period is quite noticeable.

    3's not for me

    same game... same lag issues...same AI

    whelp i hope conan comes out this August...next gen sure is a let down,did every game get worse?

    just like most companies...they try to get new customers,but do nothing to keep its existing customers.

    THE...Detriot Frenzy Alumni
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