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Division 1 team playing in rookie cup? Any solutions

Need help!


  • Socair
    2815 posts Game Changer
    edited July 2017
    Are you getting the qualified for rookie cup notice on the club page or is it that you see rookie cup on the in game ice? If it's the latter, don't worry, that just means your opponent is in a rookie division (playoff search is open to all divisions).

    If it's the qualified for aspect, I believe it's a glitch. Have seen others mention it.
  • Thanks for the response. When we play we see it on the ice. Do you know if there's a way to fix that?
  • Socair
    2815 posts Game Changer
    It will change based on your opponent is all...so right now you're matching with rookie division clubs, next game might be a pro or elite division club.
    It's not going to show elite unless both teams are in division 1 or 2. Won't affect the banner regardless...if you win four in a row you will get the elite champ banner.
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