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Money Puck ruins 3v3 online

There should be a competitive mode or something for 3v3, I get they want arcade gameplay but that Money Puck straight up ruins competitive fun imo


  • B_Bunny
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    I like the money puck.
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  • CrushNHL
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    edited July 2017
    I'm 11-1 in 3s VS games, and I'm not really digging the money puck thing. I get that it's there to give teams a chance late in the game that are trailing big, but when certain goals are worth like 4x as much as a regular goal, it kind of makes the first half of the game completely irrelevant. It's ok I guess and I don't totally hate it, but the only important goals are the money puck ones.

    Edit: I change my approach during money puck times, so it can be a strategic factor as well.
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