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goalkeeper mechanics, future?

Good afternoon, today I would like to ask the community about the mechanics of a goalkeeper, about his game style.
Instead of to do a goalkeeper more realistic, EA really are trying hard to make the work of goalkeeper arcade.Even with regards to animation, goalkeeper is simply "log" the connection to the rod is even worse than in 17, lacks the smoothness.

Now, many goalies are standing right at the gate and not bother cutting angle, and it is not necessary, now to cut a corner only to your own detriment, the delay on the response on movement became even more.A lot of nuances in this position, I would like to know what people think about this remaining, less goalies playing hockey, and more standing dolls, how do we deal with it?

But something I will Express positively, and just about the hockey, many say that it is nothing new, but what new should be there?You were given a box and a stick, get the puck and create your ice hockey.Thank you for your attention.


  • SepiDN
    43 posts Member
    edited August 2017
    As long as you are playing against low skill players you wont need to move. Because low skill players are just that predictable.

    As soon as you match against good clubs you cant just stand still.

    Imo the goalies work a lot better than they were in 17.

    From the beta

    Im not saying that the goalies are anywhere near perfect or great. They are good atm. And im facing very lil of crappy goals.

    But you cant just stand still. You will get sniped all the time if the attacker has even half a brain.
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