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host vs non host still unfair advantage

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Tried a few 1v1 in 3s today to test this. Took roughly 20 attempts to finally getting to play a home game. 9/10 games i try to join I am away team and the 1/10 I dont get away the other party quits. (same story as every year)

4 games I played yesterday were all away and all laggy and unresponsive. The one game I played home was super crisp and fun.

My ping is usually low 9-12 and based on previous year, I established that I am usually selected as host. In previous years I would get the C every games in EASHL regarldless of who was the leader in the dtessing room and we would get the same side (away ) 9 games out of 10.

My theory still applies that you will get better games if your ping sucks more. You wont get host as much or ever and as such will get a better experience.

So another reason not to buy this game if you have a great connection to their servers.
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