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In game strategy change - franchise mode

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I played HUT for a while and now decided to start a franchise and see how it is. Now I have a problem with the AI constantly changing my Strategies like if some AI Coach was enabled or something.

I can set my strategies up and that will all be changed in game depending on the situation. Sometimes I change my forecheck strategy to the max and it takes one split second and it's back to its original spot.

My controls does work and I am not using hybrid controls. Sometimes some of the settings will stick a little bit but after one period all of this is reverted back to what the AI decided to use.

I looked everywhere for that setting and never had this issue with HUT.

Anyone has an idea of where this AI strategy auto adjust setting is so I can turn it off?


  • DeejNYLV
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    Go into the game sliders and go to the last tab. Underneath the slider for face-off and fight difficulty are sliders for strategy adjustments. Set the user one to zero and the AI won't change your strats at all.
  • All right I completely missed that! Saw the CPU adjustments but for some reason I could not see the AI one, thank you!
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