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NHL 18 lobbies?



  • I am sorry but you can't argue against lobbies and say that this new matchmaking system works just as well.

    We are already a few days into the game and my CR is rising a bit to the point where I am now having a very hard time finding games. So it is back to NHL 17 style 3's rooms that never fill up. Back to waiting sometimes up to 30 minutes to find a game.

    And we don't need lobbies?.... :|
  • I'm laughing at the "no games use lobbies". Do server browsers count as lobbies? If so just about every game I play has lobbies..
  • The game needs lobbies to make a return. The game needs a communal HUB for people to meet, greet and play.

  • Using lobbies introduced me to the friends that I play with now. Some of them I have known for 8 years... I can honestly say that I just don't meet anyone new since the lobbies have vanished. Sure you can send a message after a good game but it isn't the same as consistently seeing the same names in lobbies and forming up squads. And of course RIP draft lobbies.

    The usefulness of lobbies is so clear and apparent, and I can't think of a single downside to them other than people spamming vulgar stuff in the chat... Which of course is censored anyway.
  • Mr_Darklighter
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    Near the end of 17 I actually created another account just so I could start with a fresh CR and find games again. It worked very well until of course my CR got to the point where I would just match up with 3's again.

    CR is just ruining matchmaking
  • bump.

    Finding games is still way too difficult. And half the time I find myself playing on West Coast servers.

    bring back the lobbies. This game doesnt have a large enough community for auto match making.

    There is literally no down-side to lobbies.
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    B-Bunny wrote: »
    When I asked about this a while back I was told lobbies were old technology. No other games really use them anymore.

    Wow, what an absolutely atrocious response by this team. It works FOR THIS GAME AND THIS SERIES. Why do they neglect THEIR OWN BASE because other games don't do it!?

    12 person draft lobbies were one of the MAIN reasons people played this game till all hours of the night.

    This team constantly proves over and over again that their not fit for this series, they barely know hockey, and they blatantly either don't care about or don't know their own communities wishes.

    What an absolute joke.

    I mean, not many people used them anyways. You'd see OTP 1 full (50) and maybe a few stragglers in OTP 2. They served other purposes, but the fact still remains they weren't used much when looking at the entire playerbase of EASHL.

    Idk man, in the 11 days I saw OTP 1, 2, and 3 full on weekends. It was crazy!
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