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NHL 18 BETA my opinion

I will start off with the 3 vs 3. I actually like it. It's kinda like they added a different hockey game inside NHL 18, make sense? It boils down to arcade fun. But I do not know how many people will actually continue playing the mode. I think 6 vs 6 is where they will prolly stay. I wish they would bring back NHL 94, and no I don't mean like they did a few years ago. I mean the same game application that would allow for online play.

VS mode felt very good for me, I love how you can use the poke check very effective in this game. The speed of the game has also improved. The AI and passing seem much better than NHL 17.

Goalie mode. As a human goalie I do not think much has changed from last year which is a good thing in my opinion. The only thing I see different is facing players with a lot more speed. It just seems like players can skate down on you really fast this year. Overall though very fun.

After having tried the beta I have decided to purchase NHL 18. Though I do , do some online play I like to stick with BAP. I just hope they release some info on it soon!

btw my xbox gamertag is Lonknetmonster9 is anyone wants to hit me up and play tonight.
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