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[REQUEST] Alternate DefSkillStick button mapping

I can understand the current layout as being ideal for Forwards / Forecheckers, but to play steady defense, I'd really like the option of moving HIT from RS to another button, freeing up RS-unmodified for DSS, and R1+RS going back to chop puck.
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  • MCMZ
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    Custom button mapping in general would be unreal. That's an option I've heard a lot of people in the 6's community ask for, for quite a while now.
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  • 100%. They should just change it completely, along with chop puck, but alternate mapping for these that don't affect other controls would be grand.
  • nickels55
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    edited August 2017
    Keeping the R-stick as a hit button makes zero sense when 95% of the time it is what controls the players stick. Also, hitting isn't directional based, so why is it on a directional stick instead of a simple button press? They really didn't think it out fully when making the controls this year. It was the perfect time to move the hit to a button and make the R-stick only control the players stick on both O and D.
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