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hello everyone. welcome back!


  • HYPE !

    Can't wait to NOT get any RUB packs!
  • I've enjoyed HUT, but it's a little hard to get into as the season goes on. Feels like everyone has all these great players and I don't have nearly as much.

    What are the keys to really building a good team for you guys over the course of a season? Is it mostly down to just playing a ton of games?
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  • Yes, play a lot of games with quicksell cards, work the market (try to buy players for low prices and sell them for a bit higher), and of course.. purchase a few packs with real money (but don't go too crazy)
  • And then get ipbooted in 2 out of 3 games in comp seasons like I just was. GREAT!
  • I heard they fixed some of the booting and desync issues of 17. if they did, that will be a game changer.

    on a side note, I'm ready to spend a ton of money.
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