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PS4 Remote play

Anyone ever use it? Can the NHL series function stable enough on it?

My only option to use it would be through wifi to my laptop in my bedroom. Anyone have any experience with it?


  • I know steam's version of this is OK if your rig is powerful enough. Not sure if the ps4 is powerful enough to handle something like this consistently though.
  • Really depends on your internet connection. I wouldn't recommend it for a game like this given the network issues that are already prevalent.
  • j0rtsu67
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    If you leave the gameplay aside (I'm afraid it will be bad, too much delay) there are something you can use it to: edit players/rosters, HUT auction house etc. All that stuff that don't suffer from delay.
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  • Last spring I was on a business trip in Anaheim and I tried playing remotely through my Macbook Pro, and it was a disaster. My PS4 Pro was at home on the east coast with, great internet connection, and I attempted playing offline franchise through the hotel internet (not great) and the delay was atrocious. I also tried playing The Show offline franchise mode and that was equally as bad. I was literally a full two seconds behind the action because of input delay on both games.

    The only success I had playing a game remotely thorough my mac was playing Sherlock Holmes, a game that doesn't require exact button timing to be successful.
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