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On a Positive note..

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I really like what I've seen in regards to goalies for NHL 18. They seems better!. No the game wont be perfect,and you all know what your buying into,a game that is 90% recycled.
I do agree,small market, but you know what? they minus well just start making old gen for PC. I think EA should really just scrap the hockey market if all it is is just a small market game going into the big sea of PS4 and X BOX consoles and have zero interest in the P.C. market. How much hardware thrirsty would a P.C. game be if its a older version? just keep updateing through the same idea as hut..buy cards to update rosters,mandatory to purchase to play online mayby?. I miss NHL 08 for PC. Just give us old graphics but with todays machanics like skateing and physics.


  • The newer games especially the Xbox version is so heavily based on windows 10 there's really no reason it's not on pc.

    Unless they feel they have to make it for older versions of windows which they don't. Put it on windows 10 only because Xbox os is almost identical to windows under the hood from what I understand.
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