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Cool EASHL rink idea for NHL18

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So in the beta, there was an unlockable rink in club customization. It was the complex arena with a rink, and then there were 3 other rinks that you could see while you were playing the game. Now this is just an idea, because this idea would basically murder servers, but what if there were other club games going on on those other rinks in the background? It'd be a rink-specific feature, but what if we could see other club games going on in the background? There are MANY flaws with this but what do you guys think?

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  • This is honestly not a bad idea to consider in the future! Bringing something “New” is always good for improvement in any game mode. Your kind of thinking something like NBA 2K MyPark Scenes right?

    Would be a great feature to put in the game!

    NBA 2K MyPark is run by different Parks you can enter and play different modes,

    Well why not do that same thing with NHL just with a little twist to relate to EASHL.

    You could see other Arenas in the background based off your Arena level. If your Club is ranked Division 10 then you would see a bunch of Division 10 games going on in the background, if you Club is ranked Division 1 than you would see a bunch of other Division 1 games going on in the background.
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    Remember NHL 93 and 94 when during the intermission they had the scores of the other NHL games and sometimes showed highlights, be a cool feature to have something like that with friends clubs or clubs you can select it the settings to get scores and show a highlight or something
  • 1. Wasn't alive in 94
    2. Yeah I like that
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