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Current state of the game

This is just my opinion, ive played around 13 full games. The game in its current state is very slow. Players move slow compared to nhl 17. Forehand backhand takes forever and im doing it very slow as well. Turning feels like your stuck in mud and stopping and starting takes a lifetime. Hope the have a launch day patch because its pretty unbearable.

On a positive note, defensive skill stick is everything ive hoped for. Its still a little wonky at times but very good. Menu's are pretty fast, loading is even faster. AI passing is much better, love that the actually use the boards now. Don't know if its a feature or not but they do not instantly pass you the puck when you call for it in EASHL. I was beginning to think the AI thought it was going to be a bad pass but sometimes you are wide open with no one inbetween you.

I think its going to be a really good game they just need to tweak the game speed and a few other things.


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    Seeing a few people say this. I don't have ea access, but I thought the beta played slower than 17 too. Didn't really mind it after adjusting...but I played 3 vs 3 (or 4 vs 4) in club mainly so the all the open ice helped.
  • These were all problems in the beta, FYI

    Game felt way too slow in EASHL. Not really sure about regular offline or versus since I haven't played it yet.
  • Exact problems I had on the beta, skating is worse than 17, deking is the most unresponsive and slow its ever been since they introduced skill stick into the game, they ruined it.

    Out of me and 5 of my buddies that usually look forward to the game and buy it day 1, 2 people plan on buying it, the rest of us played the beta and are going to wait while we play Destiny 2. No one wants to pay full price because they know it's going to suck.
  • I don't find a difference in the skating it is still sluggish and the stops and starts are not explosive, they were not in 17 either, the overall speed of the game is a tad slower than 17 for sure.

    My friend plays hut and said everytime he wins it records his goalie getting a lose lol that's a pretty crappy bug his wins will show up but at the start of the game he has J.Quick and it will says 0-7-0 for record when really he was 7-0-0
  • Weird. I didn't notice any speed difference in the beta and deking was as fun as ever. Maybe they made lesser skilled players deke slower? That would be a good change IMO. In EASHL this would be represented by the non dangler and playmaker builds having slower hands.
  • this game is an utter travesty. i can't believe the devs actually think this is what people want.
  • this game is an utter travesty. i can't believe the devs actually think this is what people want.

    Quoted for truth.

  • Also, slow and clunky are 2 different things. Take NHL 10 and slow it down and it will still feel good because the controls were tight. Take this disaster of a game and slow it down and it just adds more emphasis on the clunky horrible controls. TPS is the bane of this game.
  • The kind of stagnation and slow development of most ea sports games is sad. Maybe they should do something I brought up in another thread and allow anyone who works for them to work on any other project any time. This way people keep seeing different things and won't become bored and complacent. They are also more likely to have fresh ideas that way.
  • I've only been playing EASHL 3 on 3 and I'm having a ton of fun. I play defense and it's so much fun poking these stupid danglers and picking off ridiculous passes. A small speed increase would be welcomed but it's not ruining THIS mode.

    I played 1 game of VERSUS and it was WAY TOO SLOW. It makes no sense to have it that slow.
  • fyi: speed hasnt been touched, from 17 to 18!
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  • COGSx86 wrote: »
    fyi: speed hasnt been touched, from 17 to 18!

    Do you have a source to back that up?
  • I have removed some replies here, please stick to the topic and no more hate speech/racism or this will be closed and you will be punished. You know who you are.
  • Game kinda sucks..
  • COGSx86 wrote: »
    fyi: speed hasnt been touched, from 17 to 18!

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