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Happy EA Ruined HUT

Thank you EA! Thank you for making HUT 0 fun this year. Making the game so slow and clunky has made me want to put a bullet in my head all 3 games I've played. Nothing like your players taking half the period to get up the ice. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO SLOW??? And for the poke checks, I think everyone knows about this issue. Love being on a clear breakaway and a guy pokes at my skates and knocks the puck loose. Every game feels like it takes months, it's so damn boring!!! How can I go from flying around in EASHL where the game speed feels a lot faster, to playing HUT and it's like everyone is skating in quicksand?

I just want to thank you though EA because you won't get a penny off of me this year for HUT. I'll usually drop between $200-$300 on pack, but this year! Nope!
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