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what is your team so far and what did you spent to get it?

hi everyone,

i know some will most likely complain but i don't care.....
just curious to know what you got so far as i went thru pretty good teams already.

i will start.
spent 200$ in pack and this is what i got so far while playing the market a bit and i guess quite a bit of luck too this year...

Ovechkin - McDavid 89 - Tarasenko
Seguin - Stamkos - Benn
Panarin - Toews - Kucherov
Pasternak - Bergeron - Marchand

Subban - Hedman
Weber - Suter
Letang - Josi

Murray - Bishop


  • Stacked and way too much
  • paddymck1
    97 posts Member
    edited September 2017
    MacKinnon- Giroux- Voracek
    Patrick- McDavid- Pavelski
    Marleau- Couturier- Arvidsson
    Domi- Coyle- Larkin

    Hedman- Gostisbehere
    Provorov- Ekblad
    Faulk- Larsson

    Murray- Neuvirth

    Got young stars edition, nothing spent on extra packs, and played about 40 matches from challenges. Hedman and Murray from RUB. Can't trade them. Pavelski obtained through challenges pack
  • nice, got Kucherov and Marchand from RUB and Toews/Stamkos from challenge pack.
    rest was from buying pack and playing the market.

    i still consider 200 is not bad at all for what i got so far but i will probably stop there as i feel packs are only good when the game comes out and after you get nothing. i remember when HUT started i spent way more than that to get that kind of team.

    now i just need to grind to get Kane and Malkin and i will be happy with my team.
  • mattborowiec
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    edited September 2017
    Que the mommies credit card responses. $200 is not too much. It's however much you can afford. I dropped 150. Espo is trying to not let me spend anymore until November. But phuck the pack luck is sick now.

    Breadman Bergeron kuch
    Matthews kopitar laine
    85 Mcdavid Z barkov
    85 Larkin oreilly wheeler

    Suter peirerangelo
    Werenski byflugen
    Klefbom klingberg

    Quick king Bank

    I have 150k in the bank.
  • cbxero
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    edited September 2017

    Drouin-85 McDavid-Ehlers



    I pulled doubles of Drouin, Skinner and Draisaitl, sold them all for a combined 20k.
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