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Flip Dump Still Broken

Ok so this is two years in a row now the flip dump is just going over the back boards with the weakest dump from the neutral zone. Please fix this guys as we need more variety if the dump in, is to be effective. We can't always do slap dumps or forced passes. We need to be able to flip it and race for the puck.


  • Try doing the opposite corner.
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  • MetalMilitia623
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    COGSx86 wrote: »
    Try doing the opposite corner.

    What if he has the guy beat to the near corner and wants to flip it in behind him? Nothing wrong with more options.

    Also in nhl 13 you could do low flips to chip it off the wall or glass and in or out of your zone, or if you held the button down longer you could do a high flip.
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