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Positions Now Available for Club

Platform: PS4
Players Needed: Various
Club name: Eastside Traphouse
Region: North America

We are a small casual yet strategiclly based hockey club that are looking for more players to join us. We typically play late evening around 10PM EST to 4AM, howver our active play has expanded to all hours and we need more players to fill the gaps. Mostly looking for forwards and a good defenseman to pair ( may choose preferred side )
Our goalie is the most active player but welcomes any other finge starter goalie to take over, also plays center for faceoffs.

As of this moment anyone may join freely as it is public until positions begin to fill up.
We are also looking for 1-2 to manage this club during daytime hours if interested.

Club search "Eastside Traphouse"
Current GMs: Stratoitis69, Youngfly94


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