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NHL 20 Patch Details January 30th

Check out our January 30th patch details here.

EA Patch or update ruin this already?

Playing eashl 3's all of a sudden completely sucks. Game feels completely different. Now goalies are making ridiculous saves but my opponents who can't even pass the puck can take glitch shots from 50 feet out unscreened and score. It's didn't take long for this game to go to crap.


  • Also if u play 2 humans the cpu players are SO overpowered
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️, I haven't played a single game of club, and I'm already reading this...This game may have to find its way back to EB...
  • Seriously the worst NHL I have ever played. I have been playing sense NHL 96. You have progressively made the game worse over the past 8 years. Im sick and tired of dealing with the same bugs year after year. I've seen this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ loop for over 8 years now. You do nothing to penalize the trolls the goalie is so this year it makes me sick. Stop adding new features until you perfect the ones you have been screwing up for the past 8 years. Same dull ❤️❤️❤️❤️ different number at the end. And it's not like I can go play a different Hockey game because ea owns exclusive right. And I have this funny feeling you have progressively made eashl and otp worse over the years to grow the numbers in HUT. Micro purchase money hungry EA.
  • Also, if you enjoy ice tilt and being f***ed up the a**, play Threes. Gotta be the single worst mode I have ever played
  • There hasn't even been an update yet. It's exactly the same as early release.

    There is no ice tilt. If there were every win you get would be because the game thinks you're bad and you need the win to feel better and keep playing.
  • There hasn't been a patch yet?
  • There hasn't been a patch yet?

    Expect a patch toward end of the month. Goalie getting some fixes
  • I think the topic poster is referring comparing to the beta.
  • 1st off if you think anything is going to be fixed then you have not played this game for that long. This game is built around glitchers. It been that way for 20 years now.

    Hut makes ea money.so they will focus on hut more then eashl. Ea had 20 years to make this game great. But they aren't trying too. If you look at each year of this game it's the same game over and over. Nhl 17 and nhl 18 are the same. Yes they changed. And added something but all around its the same game and same problems.

    As soon as I seen the patch I knew they screwed the demo game up. The demo was at least good. The game now has many issue. Face off. Freeze. Ppl getting dash board. I havent seen this since nhl 13 or 14.

    I do not even want to play this game can't take ppl complaining over the same carp every year. Just drains me. Us hockey fan who love to play this game get screwed. There is no other game out there for us to switch too. So we are stuck with ea. So we either boycott nhl or live with what they give us. No one is going to boycott ea. No one is not going to stop buying the game. So complaining isn't getting you anywhere. What you can do is apply for a job with ea sports nhl and get in there an make the changes your self.

    Or do like play lotto and hope you win millions and start your own company. Yes ea if I win lotto I we create a hockey game and knock u out of the sport gaming all together. But again winning lotto is 2 billion to 1 of winning millions.

    Thanks for your time. Just remember complaining isn't getting the job done. Think bigger like boycotting. But you need millions to back in.
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