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I work for rare.

Need more money and a new lead obviously. I could revamp this. Would take 18 months. NHL 19 would be January or February 2019. Guess what....won't happen . They won't pay


  • ??????
  • So much passion Kappa. Seriously though I would work for free and bring back 3 star selection and add a nice pregame lag check skate for EASHL and a few other awesome goodies. I would also remove pausing once a game is live ;) Oh and a proper small scoreboard be nice that doesn't overlap my entire screen. How about real farm teams for EASHL clubs? Seriously though it's not as easy as you think. So many have tried and failed miserably. We are lucky we even have this Franchise still. You should be thanking the boys at EA Vancouver but hey if you can do better by all means give it a good shot. It's been amazing to watch this franchise develop from an 16 bit sprite based game to what we have now. Entire fields of innovation and technology have gone into the game. I mean for a moment just imagine you didn't have EA NHL. You would be playing Super Blood Hockey on STEAM and that is about it. Years and years of refinement and innovation in this game.

    Sure 2K might decide to give it another shot if EA dropped the puck but considering how many development studios they went through over at 2K trying to put out a decent game and how bad their netcode was. It's just not as easy as people think. If you are indeed a developer you know exactly how sophisticated and complex the game has become.
  • Two things need to happen in order for this game to become decent again, Im a lifelong player and I gave EA one final chance this year, and they released this garbage.

    1) EA needs to listen to its two biggest player bases: HUT and EASHL above all else, because those two modes are the most popular. Custom attributes need to be brought back in order for the EASHL player base to grow again, right now the butchered sheep s#!t they have tried to serve us as EASHL is 100% horrendous. The game play is terrible, players constantly have that "stuck in the mud" feel to their turns, while the AI has ACME rocket skates on. Seamless puck pickups are anything but

    2) EA needs a competitor, something to drive them to make a better game. They have become complacent knowing that there is no other game in town.
  • @radspaceman If you do infact work for RARE you should either convince them to get into the sports game market or try to get a kickstarter funded to create your own studio and create your own awesome hockey game.
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