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NA West Team seeking Players. XB1

Hey guys Team of three here tired of playing 2's and 3's. We need more players. Holding some tryouts. Qualifications are as follows.

1: Mature individual, we are older experienced players who want to have fun and win. Don't bring drama or cheese.
2: Know how to play HOCKEY!!! If you are somebody who comes down the wing doesn't pass and does the same wrist/exploit shot every time, don't bother trying out.
3: Ability to play most nights sometime in the evenings. We are usually around between 7-10 MTN.
4: The desire to have fun and win as a team. We are not the best team in the world but we hold our own. We were 115 games above .500 last year.

If this sounds like something that interests you post your gamer tag and I will message you.


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