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NHL 18 Patch Notes (link)

For those of you who haven't ventured off to the NHL 18 subforum yet.

Crazy that they wouldn't post this here



  • Thanks, creating a brand new section wasn't needed. At least we have proper mods now.
  • It has been updated with more information.

    Huge change for 3v3 EASHL included.

    Europeans will love season mode updates.
  • Wow. Basically nothing for EASHL. Good job as usual EA!
  • Pretty good patch honestly. Good job ea
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  • The 3 vs 3 penalty shot for a penalty is a joke.
  • Dan1mal33 wrote: »
    The 3 vs 3 penalty shot for a penalty is a joke.
    Imo everything to keep AI away from the game is a good thing.

    How about an option for using a human goalie in penalty shots even if there's none during the game?

    Prior to penalty shot it would prompt if team wants to use human or AI goalie. And there should be chance for any human player to play as a goalie in that situation (instead of having it to be default for one player).

    At least there would be some (human) randomness versus AI goalie.

    Sorry for my english.
  • Have a PS4 how do i get this latest content update?
  • Played 10 games alredy. Minus 10. Plus 2 for 3v3. Other than that this game is 2 thumbs down and i love hockey. Poke and hold your stick out to check ? Boo NHL18
  • Nhl18 is crap. Buy madden bros
  • Nhl18 is crap. Buy madden bros

    Madden is just as bad, if not worse, have you visited the madden EA forums or OS forums at all?
  • Sinbin
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    Nhl18 is crap. Buy madden bros

    Why? What don't you like about it? Some details would be nice. Especially if you want someone to actually listen to what you have to say about a game you feel so strongly about you're here participating in their community.
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