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This Drives Me Insane

Why haven't they labelled the positions in HUT. It makes no sense. I'm trying to do the special teams lines and I don't know who's taking faceoffs or which wing it is. They didnt label positions last year either. It's a pain when you're in game and you see your centres playing wing on a PK and a winger who's got 60 overall faceoffs taking the draws. Label the positions so I don't have to waste time going in and out of game seeing what's what and who's gotta go where.


  • i believe they are as follows, 1st is the lw 2nd C, 3rd RW, 4th LD and 5th RD.......as for pp the 2nd id the C
  • It's straight forward for the regular lines. They jumble it up for the PP and PK lines though. The point is they should just be labeled regardless. Who makes a sports games and is like screw the positions. If I had Fifa or Madden and they didn't label positions I'd have people all over the place since I don't know those sports well.
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