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Weird Glitch with customize pro unlocks

I don't know if this is me being a complete idiot or if this is an actual glitch but I have a weird bug/glitch which keeps the "New Goalie Unlock" or "New Skater Unlock" on my customize pro screen when I unlocked custom blade tape colors. I may be missing something I honestly don't know but it's kinda annoying to see it constantly even though I am long past that rank I needed to unlock it. I even use custom color tape which makes it weirder. Any help would be appreciated!


  • Socair
    1354 posts Senior Moderator
    It's been like that since inception last year. Same code, same problem...not a high priority fix.
    Volunteer Moderator
  • jacobd300
    6 posts Member
    edited September 2017
    Wow really? I hope they fix it soon. It kinda gets annoying after a bit
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