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EASHL AI goalie being pulled repeatedly. NONE OF US ARE PULLING HIM.

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edited September 2017
This has been going on intermittently since at least nhl 16. Whether its just before or during faceoffs, during play, or in rare cases even before the opening faceoff. There it will be yet again in the top right corner of the screen "Away/Home Goalie Pulled". And I'll spend half my game baby sitting the son of a ❤️❤️❤️❤️, wondering when he'll run off again. All of us have gone through multiple controllers in an effort to establish our innocence in this matter, but the lack of online testimony on this issue has me wondering if somehow one of us is guilty.
I humbly request if anyone else has suffered in this way, please provide some corroboration, & help me understand this mystery.
My only other hope is that this last patch that mentions "Logic updates for AI goalie pull situations" is a fix for whatever the hell is happening.
Thank you.
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