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Can't pickup puck after heavy check



  • Anyone know what they changed to make this a problem? It's not a problem on the last gen of games.
  • I heard it was a problem last year as well. Obviously not important enough for EA to fix. Yet, very important gameplay wise because I have lost a few games because of this. Couldn't pick up the puck...CPU does and scores. I have a video of my player literally skating back and forth over the puck with no pick up.
  • I've had that happen too many times to count. It is frustrating. As a defenseman, I don't expect to be able to deke and stick handle like the forwards, but I should be able to pick up the puck after a check. The definition of a check is to disrupt the puck carrier or even separate them from the puck. Good defensemen can separate a player from the puck and pick it up and the OP video is a perfect example of this.
  • Same here. As a defenseman it is so frustrating. They don't seem to care about defense.
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