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LF Flash Forward, Free Agent Glass, and others

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edited September 2017
Trying to put the Golden Knights team together (minus Shipachyov). Looking for upgraded versions only, such as:
FF, FA Cody Glass
TOTW, FA Lindberg
TOTW, FA Bellemare
TOTW, FA Perron
TOTW, FA Smith
TOTW, FA Pickard
TOTW, FA Eakin
TOTW, FA Garrison
TOTW, FA Pulkkinen
MS, FA Merrill
TOTW, FA Sbisa
TOTW, FA Schmidt
MS, FA McNabb
MS, FA Miller
MS, FA Nosek
If you have any of these players, and you're willing to part ways for a decent price, drop a post here or send me a PM. Thanks for your time and consideration!!

Update: Acquired FF, FA Suzuki (19,950)
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