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Did they fix...

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Did they fix the AI from 17? Do your defense men still just let your opponents walk into the zone, do they still do the stupid circles beside the net that inevitably pop the puck in off your goalies own back. Does your offense still stand in front of the net when you're trying to shot from the hash marks or closer, but off to the sides when you're shooting from the top of the circles? Do they still push you over the blue line when you're circling to the other side to move players around? Do they still stop right in front of you on the blue line when you're skating the puck up and basically setup a team mate pick? Can they adequately pass now when you call for a pass, off the boards, or at least not wait until the exact moment an opponent skates in front of them?

Oh and did they fix the stupid thing, where you'd hit someone really nice. But they'd recover from that huge hit and regain the puck before your guys "stun" wore off?

Does BaP mode still punish you for your crappy team mates crappy play? Do you still get bad line defense negatives even if you're playing your position? Is it more balanced in the sense that, if you're getting 3 goals a night, but not flattening players, you're teamplay doesn't plummet? Do you still get forced into a fight every time you make a clean big hit? Also do your teammates move out of position still, to cover yours, even though theirs is the greater threat?

Edit: And did franchise mode get anything new? Like training camp?

Or am I waiting for 2019?


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